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The Writing Center Detroit Mercy

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Welcome to Winter 2018!

The Writing Center 

is located in Briggs 131. 

Call us at 313-993-1022.


Visit our university website for full information about The Writing Center:



TWC Policy and Procedures


During the first 12 weeks of the semester:

1. Students may make up to TWO 30-minute appointments per day (not back to back) and up to FOUR per week. Students attempting to abuse this policy will have Writing Center priviledges suspended. Modifications to this policy are in effect during the last two weeks of the semester (noted above). 

2. Undergrad appointments are limited to 30 minutes.These appointments may not be back-to-back. Graduate students have the option of one 60 minute, in-person appointment per day with select consultants only OR up to two 30-minute appointments (not back-to-back) per day with any consultant. Graduate students interested in hour-long appointments should do the following: 1. book a 30-minute appt in the time slot of choice, then 2. email Writing Center Coordinator, Cindy Spires, at requesting to extend. Lastly, 3. be specific about the half hour time slot to extend into and provide a minimum of 48-hours to do this. No last-minute requests will be authorized; in those cases, single half hour appts will stand as-is.  **Modifications to this policy are in effect during the last two weeks of the semester.**

All appointments, including online, are interactive between the student and the consultant FOR A FULL 30-MINUTE SESSION. Students are advised to come prepared to work and learn both in person and in the online session environment. There is no "drop off" service either in person or online at the UDM Writing Center. Consultants do not proofread or edit papers for students; instead, we assist students with stages of the writing process in order to learn (over time) how to improve in terms of writing conventions, including grammar and punctuation.


*Students can book appointments up to two-weeks in advance except during the final weeks of the semester, which will be adjusted to one week in advance. No exceptions to this will be made.

3.   During the first 12 weeks of the semester, Students arriving later than 10 minutes after their scheduled time will have their missed appointment documented in the system. The appointment will be recorded as "missed." After 3 missed appointments, students will be locked out of the system and will have to contact the Writing Center Coordinator in person (Briggs 131) in order to request account reactivation. Starting the last 3 weeks of the semester: a 3-minute late period will be in effect. This means if a student has not arrived by 3 minutes after the start time of the appointment, it will be marked as missed & will be given to a walk-in. Please arrive on time for appointments: in-person & online.

4. Students - not Consultants - are responsible for keeping track of the date and time of their appointments and how many appointments they have had.

5. Appointment records are kept via the online program and on "blue sheets." Blue sheets must be initialed or signed + stamped by a Writing Center Consultant to be considered valid by an instructor. Students attempting to abuse the proof of attendance system the Writing Center uses will have priviledges suspended. STAMPS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR SESSIONS THAT DO NOT LAST THE FULL 30 MINUTES, SO COME PREPARED!

6. Appointments are available for matriculated UDM students for UDM classes. This means that only students who are currently enrolled in UDM classes are permitted to use the Writing Center.  Additionally, the consultation session MUST be about a project or assignment for a current UDM class. We are sorry, but we are unable to offer services to non-UDM students or non-enrolled alumni at this time.

7. If you have not registered on the website prior to your appointment, you must do so before you leave so your visit can be logged into the system.

8. Students may only access the computers in order to schedule appointments. NO PRINTING or checking e-mail.

9. Due to space limitations, only students with appointments or those making an appointment are permitted in the center. Because of the nature of our small space, please keep noise at a minimum when in the Writing Center; therefore, no listening to music or watching videos in the center without headphones that mute the sound enough so that others aren't disturbed. Thank you!

10. Turn your phone off before your consultation. This is a NO TEXTING ZONE.

11. To schedule TWC workshops, call or come in. Let the Consultants know which TWC Workshop you want to sign up for. Provide your email address. Space is limited. On-time arrival the day of the Workshop is expected. See Policies posted in TWC for full information.

ATTN: During the last 3 weeks of the semester, The Writing Center will have the following limits on the scheduling of appointments:

Undergraduates are limited to one per day and two per week.

Graduate students are limited to one per day and two per week. 



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