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The Writing Center Detroit Mercy

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The Writing Center will open for the fall semester on Wednesday, September 9. You can make appointments now.

Policy and Procedures

1. Students may make two appointments per day. These appointments may not be back to back.

2. Undergrad appointments are limited to 30 minutes. Graduate students are limited to 60 minutes.

3. Students arriving later than 10 minutes than their scheduled time will have to reschedule their appointment. The original time will be recorded as "No Show."

4. Students - not Consultants - are responsible for keeping track of the date and time of their appointments and how many appointments they have had.

5. Appointment records are kept via the online program or blue sheet. Blue sheets must be initialed or signed by a Consultant to be considered valid by an instructor.

6. If you are receiving credit in a class for a visit to the Writing Center, the consultation session MUST be about a project for that class.

7. If you have not registered on the website prior to your appointment you must do so before you leave so your visit can be logged into the system.

8. Students may only access the computers in order to schedule appointments. NO PRINTING or checking e-mail.

9. Due to space limitations, only students with appointments or those making an appointment are permitted in the center.

10. Turn your phone off before your consultation. This is a NO TEXTING ZONE.

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